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Letting Tony take Bucky out to go drinking was a huge mistake.
“I’m just going to borrow him for the evening” Tony promised as he pushed Bucky out the door.
“I’m just going to get him caught up with the 21st century you know? Movies, Cell phones, Booze”
Bucky shrugged on his leather jacket. “I already know about those things Tony” Bucky remarked.
“Not the way I do” Tony corrected him as Bucky leaned over to give you a kiss on the cheek.
“Don’t worry” Bucky soothed “I won’t let any pretty girls try to take me home”
“It’s not you I’m worried about” you replied, shooting a look at Tony.
Tony put his hands up in a sort of surrender motion “I promise, a guys night out, no girls allowed”
“Okay” you said warily.
With that Bucky placed a chaste kiss on your lips and rushed out the door with Tony. Tony bearing a huge lopsided grin.
You sighed and flopped on the old gray couch, it’s cushions enveloping you into the gray material. You decided to pop Catching Fire into the dvd player, seeing as though you hadn’t seen it yet. Popping some popcorn, you settled back down onto the sofa and started the movie.

You had just gotten to the part when they were about to blow up the arena when your phone went off. Tony had amusingly set Buckys ring tone as the Games of Thrones theme, and no matter how many times you changed it, he would always find a way to turn it back.
“Hi Bucky!” you said, but was instantly greeted with loud music and yelling.
“Hi yah (name) it’s me Tony” Tony, sounding slightly drunk on the other end greeted you.
“Listen, James kind of drank too much and I thought he would be an angry drunk you know, like hitting people and what not. But he’s not, he’s a happy drunk and he was laughing and telling me stories which is nice. But now he’s crying because he misses you.”
You suddenly heard the phone shuffle and a soft, but clearly drunk voice go “Let me talk to her”.
“(Name), I mis yoou and i wanna go home” Bucky slurred.
“Okay Bucky tell Tony I’ll be there soon” You assured and put the movie on pause.
“She’s gonna be here soon” you heard Bucky tell Tony as he pressed the phone back to him.
“Okay buddy, (name) please hurry” You heard Tony beg and you hung up the phone.
“I’m so going to kill that idiot tomorrow” you shook your head as you climbed into your car.

You pulled up to the posh bar and saw Tony standing with Bucky outside.
Relief crossed Tonys face as he muttered some words to Bucky and helped him over to the car.
You quickly jumped out, opened the door and helped Tony put Bucky into the front seat.
“I’m riding in the front!” Bucky cheered and the slumped over on the closed door.
“You sure are buddy” Tony nodded and hopped into the back seat.
“Tony” you sighed and started the car again.
“What?” he asked, acting a little hurt “I thought he could handle todays hard liquors!” he protested
“Well clearly he can’t!” you snapped back, pulling onto the highway.
“I’m sorry” Tony mumbled and looked down at the floor.
You looked back in the rearview mirror to see Tony was actually genuine “Alright” you sighed “Apology accepted”. You heard Bucky sort of sigh in the passenger seat and you smiled a little bit. You reached out and patted his hand and Bucky sleepily smiled.
“Hey (name)?” Tony asked.
“what Tony?” you replied back, exasperated.
“James told me that one time when you two were, you know, that he shouted ‘winter is coming’ during his *cough* climax. That true?” Tony asked, eyebrow raised.
You instantly turned red, You and Bucky promised you would never speak of it. It had made you laugh but poor Bucky was mortified.
“I’ll take it from your red complexion and lack of words then it’s a yes” Tony smirked and took out his phone.
“Stark don’t you dare!” you hissed at Tony.
“Dare do what?” he asked innocently “send this video of James telling me that he shouted Winter is coming when he climaxed?” Tony evilly smirked and pressed his thumb onto the screen. “Just did”
“STARK!” you shouted and pulled the car to a stop.
“Well, looks like this is my stop, thanks for the ride (name) and good luck with games of thrones over there” Tony shouted as he jumped out of the car.
You looked around and noticed by some odd chance of luck for Tony that you were outside Stark industries.
“great” you murmured and slapped your hands on the wheel. Looking back on the sleeping man next to you, you sighed and slowly pulled back onto the interstate.

Getting Bucky up to your apartment wasn't as hard as you had expected. Bucky was enough conscious in that he could walk up the stairs with you only you supporting him a little.
You eventually got to the front door and brought out your keys. turing them your and Bucky both bursted into the apartment.
“(nameeeee)” Bucky cooed and pulled you into his arms.
“Yes Bucky” you asked, as if speaking to a small child.
“I lllooovvveee you sooooooooooo much I just wanna kiss you!” he proclaimed and proceeded to kiss your face over and over.
“You’re so beautiful” he cooed and kissed your face sloppily.
“Thank you Bucky, now let’s get you into some clean clothes and go to bed” you told him, while patting his chest.
“cuddleeeeeee?” Bucky begged in a adorable child like way.
“If your good yes, we can cuddle” you replied, still talking to him as if he was five.
“Cuddle” Bucky protested and threw his arms over your shoulders and snuggled his face into your neck.
“Okay Bucky we can cuddle” you promised and peeled him off of you
“yay!” Bucky cheered and followed you into the bedroom.
“Let’s get you cleaned up though!” you scolded as he began to make his way to the bed.
He pouted but took your hand and you led him to the bathroom.
You cleaned his face,made him drink two big glasses of Gatorade, take two aspirins and helped him brush his teeth. He shimmied out of his jeans and t-shirt, and got into his pajamas, which were more just a pair of black sweatpants. You threw Buckys clothes in the wash along with yours as you stepped into your sleep wear, which was just a tank top and exercise shorts.
“Alright Bucky, into bed” You announced as you snuggled your way into the warm sheets.
Bucky smiled and lumbered his way over to the bed and crawled under the sheets.
His arms found you and pulled you taught against him. You felt your back pressed up against his shirtless chest and the warmth radiating against him.
“I like when we cuddle” he hummed against the back of your head and placed a soft kiss on you neck
“me too” you sighed and snuggled closed to him “Just don’t wait for you to get drunk to do it okay?” you asked.
Bucky nodded and flipped over so he was laying on his back, you scotted to wrap one arm around his waist and the other underneath your pillow. Bucky draped his arm over your shoulders and eventually the two of you fell asleep.

-- extended end because you bet I forgot about that thing didn't you?--
About two days later Bucky felt better enough to go back to Stark towers to get back to work. You held Buckys hand as you skipped lightly into the office space. You were greeted with the Game of Thrones theme song and Tony, Clint and Thor laughing their ass’s off.
“What?” You asked hesitantly
“Oh nothing” Clint grinned. “Only the fact that your dating Ned Stark here”
and the room erupted into laughs again.
Relaxation crossed Bucky’s face and he slowly turned to Tony.
“Run”  he warned Tony.
Tony turned very pale and took off running, Bucky in hot pursuit.
“Poor brother Anthony should not have messed with the winter soldier.” Thor shook his head in pity.
A sudden scream was heard and Bucky walked back into the room with a pleased look on his face.
“What did you..” Clint began and then stopped when Tony came back into the room.
His beard was gone.
“How did you?” You asked and Bucky pressed a finger to your lips.
“Details are not important” He smiled and then swooped you up onto his shoulders and carried you out of the room. You shot the guys a shrug and patted Buckys butt as he carried you to the elevator.
“Sometimes I really hate those two” Tony galred as he felt the now baldness of his face. “It'll grow back” he assured himself.

Drunk Cuddles Bucky X Reader oneshot by superwholockgames

/ / ©2014-2017 superwholockgames
A one-shot I had thought up of awhile back I just didn't know how to write it. But I finally did!
contains some adult ideals but nothing i don't think you guys can handle (it's written more for the humor than anything)
Marvel owns avengers and Bucky Hbo and george rr owns g.o.t also lionsgate and suzanne collins owns catching fire
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"you patted Bucky's butt"

*Gasp* she touched the butt!
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Damn bucky, haha. Ok that was seriously funny.
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sonicsilvershadow28 Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
Sorry for me correcting, but since he has the same serum as Steve, shouldn't he not be able to get drunk, just like Steve.
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It's okay. According to the comics Bucky actually doesn't have the super formal like Steve. Hydra thought he did and when it appeared he didn't. They turned him into the Winter soldier. He has a mock version of the serum like Natasha but not one that replicates everything perfectly. He probably would still be able to get drunk. Just not be as drunk as long as maybe Tony or Clint.
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Thanks!!! 😅
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It is 2:46 in the morning and I was trying so hard not to laugh at the "winter is coming" part o caver my mouth to where there was no noise and I like couldn't breath but I was crying for like 8 minutes😂😂😂😂
superwholockgames Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you! Hope your okay!
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Tony: frig.frig,frig, IT NEVER GREW BACK!
Me: GOOD!!!!!
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Lol. Good one!
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IKR Poor Bucky
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